About Legal Motion™

Legal Motion™ is a software development firm that was created especially for the bankruptcy industry. Working directly with bankruptcy attorneys, Legal Motion TM offers several unique products that can boost your business and streamline the client management system, making daily operations more efficient and cost effective.

Our Products

Legal Motion™ is a team of bankruptcy attorneys, software designers and marketing experts, who have teamed up to develop unique products designed with you in mind. These two innovative products are guaranteed to make your business more efficient and lucrative.
BK Packet™

BK Packet ™ is a software program that allows you to customize a client bring back form to fit your specific needs, have the client complete the form online at their own pace, track client progress, even have the client sign and save the document using an unique electronic signature.

BK Packet ™ was designed with one thing in mind: improving the filing process to make managing bankruptcy clients easier. This program eliminates wasted time and money, giving you the freedom to focus your marketing efforts and boost your business.

BK Data™

BK Data™ is a software program that gives you the power to harness invaluable demographic information and bankruptcy filing data, giving you an edge over your competition. The idea is to allow you to take control of your local market share by gaining information about what your competition is doing. With BK Data™,you can see where bankruptcies are being filed in their area, who is filing those cases, and when the cases are being filed.

BK Data™ is designed for one thing in mind: bankruptcy attorneys and their profitability. You will be able to pinpoint the hotspots for the most filings in your area, allowing you a chance to increase your marketing efforts in these areas.

BK Data™ also comes with a proprietary process known as ScourLaw™, which allows users to search specific filing information such as the petitioner's name, name of the filing attorney, city, state, zip code or county. These data points can be displayed graphically in the form of a heat map, to provide a visual summary for the most active areas for bankruptcy.